10 Best Mobile-Friendly WordPress Themes to Boost Your SEO

Several years ago, the idea of a wireless communication device was close to impossible. The closest thing we got to a mobile phone appeared in classic sci-fi movies like “Back to the Future”. But now, smartphones and other mobile devices have become a staple of our daily lives. And with the Internet, we even took a step further. The millennial generation couldn’t even imagine life without them!

These days, smartphones and tablets aren’t just used for communication and entertainment purposes. Now, we use them to record cherished moments through videos and photos, meet new people from any part of the world, gain access to information, purchase products, and many more. You don’t even have to go to a physical store anymore, given that you can now order just about anything online.

If you’re a business owner or someone who’s just about to start up a business, you can’t afford to ignore the potential of this vast and powerful medium that is the World Wide Web. WordPress is the perfect example of a platform that continues to develop new, innovative ways for individuals and companies to connect to their target audience, online. In fact, WordPress is the most powerful content management system out there, with a whole plethora of plugins and themes to suit any kind of website.

Today, I’m going to share with you a list of the best-selling WordPress themes that are aimed at website owners who want to boost their SEO with a site that’s not just optimized for desktop, but is also mobile-friendly. These mobile-responsive WordPress themes are ideal not just for bloggers but also for creative professionals and business owners.

Without further ado, here are this year’s 10 best mobile-friendly WordPress themes to boost your SEO. Take your pick!

Breezy – A Lightweight Mobile Theme for WordPress


ThemeForest Elite Author, Bonfire Themes, is known to be a best-seller when it comes to their mobile-friendly WordPress themes. Breezy – A Lightweight Mobile Theme for WordPress, is one of their best-selling WordPress themes that help boost SEO – having been chosen by thousands of creatives and business owners for their online mobile presence.

Breezy is a well-design, lightweight WordPress theme with a fully responsive design that’s perfect for a fresh WordPress installation and even for a mobile-only website. You don’t have to worry tweaking this theme on your PC or mobile device since it features a user-friendly and fully customizable menu system and loading screen that makes the job easier for you. From here, you can change various elements in the theme, such as the font sizes and types, line heights, colors, alignment, etc. Breezy is really easy to work with using your smartphone or tablet, but you’ll also find that it works perfectly on desktop!

Mobilize – jQuery Mobile WordPress Theme


A product of ThemeForest Elite Author, BeanTownThemes, Mobilize – jQuery Mobile WordPress theme is the most anticipate WordPress version of the top-selling HTML mobile template. This touch-optimized, mobile-responsive WordPress theme is built on jQuery and comes loaded with awesome features that’s sure to make your site not only look beautiful, but also fully functional, whether you’re using a smartphone or PC.

The homepage has a touch-optimized, responsive slider where you can choose from 24 different transitions (just swipe with your finger), add optional captions, social icons, and many more. Other notable features include a touch-optimized gallery, fully working contact form, blog with featured images and videos, and lots of shortcodes, just to name a few! Mobilize lets you choose from 4 different color schemes but if you want more options, you can simply customize the colors using the built-in theme options manager. And from there, you can even choose from hundreds of Google fonts, beautifully designed social icons, set blog options, and many more. Mobilize your business or brand with this amazing mobile-friendly WordPress theme to boost your SEO!

Rogue: Customizable Mobile Theme for WordPress


The Rogue: Customizable Mobile Theme for WordPress is another top-seller from Bonfire Themes, and it’s said to be their “newest and most versatile mobile theme yet”. It’s designed with smartphones and tablets in mind, and can be used for a new WordPress install or for a secondary, mobile-only website. And like many of Bonfire Themes’ other mobile-friendly offerings, this particular theme is a breeze to set up and use. The best thing about this theme, however, is that you can customize it however you please!

Rogue is a neat WordPress theme with a mobile-focused, fully responsive design that will make your site look great on any mobile device. Some of its main features include a customizable header and menu system, page transitions, customizable title and body text size and fonts, as well as a number of color schemes to give your site that perfect look and feel. This theme even includes a ready-to-edit child theme and tons of useful shortcodes to add more functionality to your site. Rogue has been tested to work on popular browsers across multiple OS and devices, including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

Aura Premium Mobile Theme


ThemeForest Elite Author, Webbu, is also known for providing web developers with lots of awesome premium mobile-friendly WordPress themes that help boost SEO. One of their best-sellers is the Aura Premium Mobile Theme, which is tested to work perfectly on Android and iOS devices. It’s built with a fully customizable theme system for users to have a better mobile experience. The theme also has a unique mobile blog system with post format support, as well as support for portfolio, gallery, video, and even Sound Cloud. It’s retina-ready as well, and you can use mobile retina icons which include FontAwesome and 300+ image icons with unlimited color variations – all at your disposal!

Vibrant: A Super Sharp WordPress Mobile Theme


There’s no stopping Bonfire Themes from creating such amazing mobile-friendly WordPress themes to help boost your SEO. Vibrant: A Super Sharp WordPress Mobile Theme is another masterpiece that continues to attract more customers who are in need of an amazing theme for their WordPress-based website. It’s a clean and lightweight responsive theme that’s designed with minimalism in mind. But despite being simple, it stands out from the rest with its awesome features like the unique menu display, comment form and per-post / page custom header colors, and many other elements that ensure your site will look beautiful and highly engaging.

This multi-purpose mobile theme can be used for just about any type of website, from a personal blog to an online portfolio for showcasing your work. It can even be used as a secondary mobile-only theme for your existing website, or as the primary theme for a new installation. Not only is it ideal for smartphones and tablets, you can also use it for a full-blown desktop website! Now, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing your site will look great and work without a hitch, no matter what device your site visitors are using.

Monolith – WP theme for bloggers and professionals


True to its name, the Monolith – WP theme for bloggers and professionals has a gigantic presence in the Themeforest marketplace. It’s another best-seller by Bonfire Themes, with in-your-face imagery that makes it stand out from the rest. Monolith is the perfect choice for anyone looking to boost their SEO and build a strong online presence by showcasing content, products and/or services through powerful visuals.

Like many of Bonfire Themes’ products, Monolith can also be used for any purpose; whether for a personal blog, an online portfolio, and even for an eCommerce site. This theme can be a trusty partner that can be used as a main theme for a brand-new WordPress installation or as a secondary theme for a mobile-only website. What’s truly unique about this theme, however, is its uniquely “swappable” comment form, a validation-enabled contact form, shortcodes that can easily be customized, and a whole lot more besides.

Bean Premium Mobile Theme


The Bean Premium Mobile Theme is yet another top-seller by ThemeForest Elite Author, Webbu. With its fully customizable theme system, building a mobile-friendly blog or website is simple and easy. It comes with Webbu’s signature mobile blog system that comes with support for post format, gallery, portfolio, video, and Sound Cloud. It also allows you to add unlimited categories and menu items. And since it supports retina display, you can use mobile retina icons, which are already included in the package.

Bean is fully compatible with WordPress 4, and is localization ready, with .po and .pot files. It also has an easy-to-use mobile admin options panel so you can customize it using your smartphone or tablet. It also has a theme customizer that lets you customize just about any aspect of the theme to make it look uniquely yours.

Point Premium Modern Mobile Theme


Point Premium Modern Mobile Theme is a favorite among bloggers, writers, and even business owners, mainly for its mobile-friendly design that makes any blog or website look great and work seamlessly on both desktop and mobile device. Built and designed by Webbu, this mobile-focused WordPress theme comes with custom portfolio, gallery, video, and Sound Cloud listing pages. And just like with their previous themes, you can insert unlimited category and menu items. The theme also features easy page browsing, with a two-level accordion menu system. Also included in the theme is a unique sliding mobile menu system, inspired by Dribbble.

TOUCH: A Lighter-than-air WordPress Mobile Theme


TOUCH: A Lighter-than-air WordPress Mobile Theme is the fourth theme in a series of mobile-friendly WordPress themes created by Bonfire Themes. And of course, it’s primarily intended for use on smartphones and tablets. It’s a beautifully crafted, extremely lightweight responsive theme that comes loaded with features to suit many purposes. Use it for a personal blog or for showcasing your products/services; complete with an optional static front page, a touch-enabled gallery, and/or a portfolio. It also comes with a one-of-a-kind comment form, along with a fully working contact form, plus sliders, shortcodes, install-as-web-application functionality, and more.

While it has a mobile-focused design, TOUCH works perfectly with your existing desktop theme. In short, you can use it as your main theme for a fresh WordPress installation or as a secondary theme that can easily be shown to your mobile visitors only. It’s thoroughly tested on iOS, Android, and Windows phone. It works everywhere and if you use it as such, it can work seamlessly for a full-blown desktop website!

BRAVE – A dark, clean, fully responsive WP theme


Last but definitely not the least is BRAVE – A dark, clean, fully responsive WP theme by our all-time favorite premium WordPress theme provider, Bonfire Themes. This exquisitely dark, minimalistic, and 100% responsive WordPress theme allows you to showcase the most important aspect of any website – content – while keeping things simple. With its pixel-perfect design, nothing would get between your visitor and your content. Your visitors will immediately notice the focus on bold headlines, along with other well-placed content elements.

Like most of Bonfire Themes’ products, you can install BRAVE as a web app, on your iOS device. Once someone visits your site, a handy prompt will alert your visitor to add your website to their homescreen, providing a shortcut. You can also add custom icons and splash screens that the web app will use. The theme is compatible with several browsers and devices, allowing your visitors to easily access your site from anywhere.

The world is going mobile, with more and more people turning to their smartphones and tablets to access the Web. Therefore, it’s important that you take advantage of this medium and make your site optimized and easily accessible for mobile users.  Choosing a mobile-friendly WordPress theme to boost your SEO is a solid first step towards getting a strong web presence for your brand or business. With a responsive theme that automatically adapts to the screen size and device it’s being viewed on, you can provide an optimized reading experience to your visitors. By choosing any of our top 10 best mobile-friendly WordPress themes, you can rest assured that your site will be fully functional and look fantastic on a desktop computer or mobile device!

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