Breezy – A Lightweight Mobile Theme for WordPress In-Depth Review

A few years ago, nobody has even heard of the term “responsive web design”. Big-name companies like Apple and their shiny gadgets were “trailblazers” – the first in a line of gadgets where you can view full-sized websites that are designed for desktops, right on a small screen. You could simply pink, drag and double-tap to make content larger. If you’re lucky enough, you’d come across a site with a mobile-only design.

Buy boy, things have changed! Today, the use of mobile browsers has overtaken desktop browser use; with more and more people turning to their smartphones and tablets to access the Internet. While many users are still prepared to spend hours on apps, they are far more likely to visit a website using their mobile device instead. Given this fact, it’s all the more important to make your blog or website mobile-friendly!

WordPress is the perfect platform to help you build a strong online presence. It brought forth the importance of having a responsive web design and made it easy for anyone to build a website from scratch – one that works well on and looks fantastic on any mobile device. What’s more, WordPress makes it easy for you to manage your website from your mobile device!

Although majority of WordPress themes today are already mobile-optimized, there will come a time when you need a theme that’s specifically built for mobile devices. Today, we’re going to talk about one such WordPress theme that makes creating and managing a mobile-friendly website simple and easy.  I’m talking about ThemeForest best-seller Breezy – A Lightweight Mobile Theme. Does it have the necessary features for building a website that’s optimized for mobile devices? Is it really worth the price? What type of website is it ideal for? Let’s find out in this Breezy – A Lightweight Mobile Theme for wordPress in-depth review!

The Perfect Choice for Creative Professionals and Small Business Owners


Breezy – A Lightweight Mobile Theme for WordPress is a top-selling mobile theme created and designed by ThemeForest Elite Author, Bonfire Themes. This small yet powerful team of WordPress experts is known for their collection of premium WordPress themes that are built with mobile devices in mind. True to its name, Breezy makes building a website a breeze – even on your mobile device! It has a pixel-perfect, colorful, and modern design that will help users make powerful interactions with their readers and customers. The highly customizable fly-out menu is similar to that of the Google Play Store, What’s more, it features a whole plethora of transition effects, header styles, menus, font types and sizes; all of which are easy to customize according to your preference. The theme is built with CSS3 codes, JavaScript, and HTML5 so rest assured that whatever you display on your site will look crisp and clear, whether it’s viewed on a desktop or mobile browser. It’s the perfect theme for bloggers, writers, artists, and anyone who wants to showcase their awesome works online. And with a few tweaks here and there, you can even use it for building an online shop where you can present your products/services for your customers and prospects. Now, online shopping is made easier and more convenient with mobile-friendly theme!

Adding Videos Is Fast and Easy!


Breezy – A Lightweight Mobile Theme includes some really useful video shortcodes that make inserting videos to your website fast and easy. This allows you to insert any kind of video into your posts or pages, and you can even place them into the featured image area right above a post or page’s title. Make sure to check out the demo site to see how it works!

Cross-Compatible, Touch-Enabled Photo Gallery


Do you have a bunch of photos or artworks to showcase in your site? Say no more, because Breezy – A Lightweight Mobile Theme features a visually modified version of the popular PhotoSwipe software, which is a responsive JavaScript image gallery. This particular features works seamlessly on both desktop and mobile devices by using touch, keyboard, and mouse controls. This allows you to navigate photo galleries simply by swiping with the left/right keys on your keyboard, by using the mouse wheel, or by tapping/clicking the left/right navigation arrows.

For more visual diversity, Bonfire Themes chose to add a functionality that allows users to enter galleries into the featured image area above the title of the post or page, as well as into the main content area. This features alone makes Breezy a truly unique mobile-friendly WordPress theme.

PhotoSwipe comes in the form of a plugin and perfectly integrated with WordPress. It supports all 9 columns, which means you don’t have to learn a new interface just for inserting galleries. But of course, if PhotoSwipe isn’t your cup of tea, you need not worry because Breezy allows you to use your favorite gallery plugin! Cool, right?


Breezy gives you several options for formatting your post. Below is a sample post of the default text formatting options which is available in WordPress’ text editor. It may look really boring but it’s nevertheless an important element in any theme.

What Are the Key Features?

Okay, so you’re probably already itching to purchase this mobile-friendly WordPress theme for yourself but before taking out that credit card, make sure to check out Breezy’s key features first!

  • Clean, light, fully responsive, and mobile-focused design
  • Highly customizable menu system
  • Easy-to-customize page transitions
  • Customize colors, fonts, title and body text size, line-height
  • Fully working comment and contact forms
  • Touch-enabled PhotoSwipe image gallery
  • Translation and localization ready (includes .po and .mo files)
  • Widgetized sidebar inside menu system
  • Child them included (ready to edit)
  • Cross-browser compatible (fully tested on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Android, and iOS)
  • Loads of customizable shortcodes i.e. alerts, text highlighting, progress bars, buttons, dividers, boxes, for placing content in columns (text, images, videos), etc.
  • Extensive documentation

As with any reliable WordPress theme provider, Bonfire Themes provides top-notch customer support to their clients. This means you can rely on their support should you need it. They’re available 24/7 and are standing by to help you should you encounter any issue regarding the use of this theme.

Bonfire Themes’ mobile-friendly WordPress themes have been used by thousands of bloggers and creative professionals seeking to boost or improve their online mobile presence. If you want to become one of these highly successful individuals and companies, make sure to give this mobile theme a shot. The theme costs $34 for a regular license, which includes 6 months support from Bonfire Themes. If you wish to extend support for another 12 months, there will be an additional $10.20 fee. All good things come at a price but one thing’s for sure: You won’t regret using Breezy – A Lightweight Mobile Theme!

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